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The Bitless Boutique blends experience & expertise in bitless bridle design, anatomy & horsemanship. 

We aim to empower horse owners to make informed choices for the comfort of their horse & while enhancing their equine partnerships. We offer a range of services to suit 


Choose from our selection of tried and tested approved bitless bridles.


Find your nearest bitless bridle fitter & test out the bridle trial kit and 1:1 in person support.


Courses for horse owners seeking self learning & guidance in bitless bridle fit & riding.

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Learn Professional Bridle Fit

Would you like to offer professional bitless bridle fitting to your clients? Our Level 5 accredited course teaches bridle fit, design, biomechanics & coaching the bitless rider.

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Bitless & Bridle Fit

Leading the way in education, training & horsemanship

Bitless Boutique is led by bitless bridle specialist, researcher & registered equine psychologist Phillippa Christie MCMAPhillippa is author of the sell-out guide Bitless 101 and created a world first bitless bridle fitting course for professionals. Spending years researching bitless bridles, bridle design, equine anatomy & psychology; Phillippa’s holistic approach has brought clarity & success to 100’s of horse owners worldwide.


Phillippa's articles have features in dozens of publications around the world & she also featured on the cover of Horsemanship Magazine with her rescue mare Flicka.